"I've not heard a better preamp, and I've been looking for more than 30 years" 
Sam Tellig - Stereophile, October 2012

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Multi-award winning!

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Stereophile recommended! 


Welcome to the Music First Audio US website

2015 Recommended component.

Available for immediate shipment to the USA This 2013 built Baby Reference.

  • Dual remote volume control.
  • Separate left and right volume control.Giving control of balance.
  • 12 position input selector to give both in phase and anti phase option.
  • Reference TX102mk4 transformers
  • Burnt in and ready to use.
  • 2 pairs Balanced inputs. 4 Pairs RCA inputs
  • 1 pair Balanced outputs and 1 pair RCA output
  • Built and ready to ship.

Price at $9,900USD plus delivery and taxes

Please contact Warren Jarrett for more details.

Music First Audio have been at the cutting edge of transformer based high end hifi products since 2003.

Chief design engineer Jonathan Billington (BSc. Hons) has been designing audio transformers since 1978. The Billington family have been manufacturing audio transformers since 1963, and working in the phonographic industry since 1949.  

Music First Audio have been winning awards for many years now and continue to develop new audio products. Please visit the products page for information on all the products available in the US.

Music First Audio products are available for sale and audition in the USA through Mr Warren Jarrett based in California. Please visit the contact page to request a purchase or home audition.

During 2015 Music First Audio representatives will be present at many of the US audio events, so please contact Mr Jarrett if you would like to meet up and talk about your system requirements. Over the last few years we have had systems running at the following shows.

  • New York  2012 & 2013 
  • Washington 2013 & 2014
  • CAS 2011 2012  2013 & 2014 
  • Newport Beach. 2013 & 2014 Click HERE for show report
  • Newport Beach AV Showrooms award Click HERE for show report
  • Rocky Mountain 2013

We look forward to meeting you in 2015.

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